The 2009 executive members of the Regional and Divisional leagues of the Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT, were, on Friday, November 3 in Buea, urged to restore football in the Southwest Region.

Speaking on behalf of the President of the FECAFOOT Normalisation Committee, Kevin Djomo called on the members to use everything at their disposal to see that football in the region regains its pride.

“Let’s drink football, talk football and sleep football for the world to tune back to Southwest football. Your responsibilities include getting over and without delay carry on with the Regional and Divisional leagues,” Djomo averred.

He also applauded the level of serenity that reigns in Southwest football which, to him, hasn’t been seen in other Regions during their tour. This was after the 2009 FECAFOOT members said they were ready to work alongside the Tombi à Roko team which was leaving the office.

The discussion meeting between the Normalisation Committee and members of the Regional and Divisional bureaux is a temporary measure taken to see that the Regions are not vacant. The members will leave the office after the end of the 2016/2017 Regional League footballing season, that is, after the National Interpools Tournament.

Some observers have questioned the faith of these Regions after the mandate of the 2009 executive members will come to an end.

Others have asked why the Normalisation Committee did not just install members at the Regional level as has always been the case. Some schools of thought see foul play in the decision to bring in the 2009 members.

They argue that the fact that the 2009 members will be running Regional activities and are free to run for the FECAFOOT elections, will create room for corruption at the regional level.

Senator Mbella Moki applauded the work done by those leaving the office while calling for the spirit of understanding between both executives.

“I don’t want to quarrel with success. The team that worked and managed the league during the year under review did a very good job. In that way, we shall just accompany them. I do not want to interfere in their work; they must be given the responsibility to paddle the canoe to the shores.

Anybody who wants to work with me among the 2009 executives must understand my vision, which is to be partners to accompany this people,” Senator Mbella Moki said.

Also present was the Governor of the Southwest Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai.

The members of the 2009 Regional bureau for the Southwest Region are: Mbella Moki Charles (President), Helen Sakwe (Vice President), Stephen Mbu Taku Mbu, deceased (Secretary General), Ndoumbe Eyoum (Ass. Secretary General), Joseph Ewunkem, deceased (Treasurer) and Domy Williams (Ass. Treasurer).