The new rules adopted by the CAF last July continue to raise concerns about Cameroon’s ability to host the next African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

These new rules that increase the number of teams participating in the tournament from 16 to 24 should lead to an increase in the organizational budget of the competition.

The budget of the organization of the next AFCON would have increased from FCFA 550 billion to FCFA 800 billion, according to some Tunisian media which specify that this new budget would be a record in the history of the competition.

Before the review of this budget upward, a recent report of CAF had noted the delay of Cameroon in the execution of the initial specifications.

This delay had cast doubt on the holding of AFCON 2019 in Cameroon.

Several countries such as Morocco and Algeria had offered to host the competition in case of withdrawal by Cameroon.

However, the President of FECAFOOT last week said the nation is up to the task.

“I spoke this morning with the hierarchy of our country and the decision is that Cameroon is ready to host the AFCON,” said Tombi A Roko Sidiki to BBC Sport on July 21.

“There are countries that would like to host this competition, but they should remain silent and think about the other editions and not the 2019 edition because Cameroon will be ready,” he concluded.

A CAF delegation is expected in Yaoundé next September to assess the state of play of the infrastructures to host the competition.