Francis Elimbi

There are some really interesting games across the national triangle as teams battle for the top spot, or to avoid relegation.

And the battle between strikers for the MTN Elite One Golden Shoe , also returns. As things stand now the battle for the Golden Shoe is very tight as three players are in for a tough battle with just four playing days to go.

At the top of the list of to scorer is Aigle Royal of Menoua’s Francis Elimbi who has broken the jinx of crossing the 16 goals margin since Vincent Aboubakar did it some seven years ago when he was playing for Coton Sport of Garoua.

Elimbi is closely followed by Daouda Kamilou 16 goals (Coton Sport), Nguea Tchebemou 13 goals (Feutcheu FC) and Ronald Ngah 11 goals (Coton Sport) who are all eying the Golden Shoe.

Top 10

1- Francis Elimbi 17 goals (Aigle)

2- Daouda Kamilou 16 goals (Coton Sport)

3- Nguea Tchebemou 13 goals (Feutcheu FC)

4- Ronald Ngah 11 goals (Coton Sport)

5- Kouoh Bille 11 goals (New Stars)

6- Raymond Fosso 09 goals (Eding Sport)

7- Constant Tchouaké 09 goals (Unisport)

8- Tamo Tinwo 08 goals (Yong Sport)

9- René Ndi 08 goals (Bamboutos)

10- Brice Owona 07 goals (Apejes)