Sports24cameroon brings to you best and latest updates in the Southwest Regional League Championship.

As the second round of the Southwest Regional League championship gets closer to the end, 90 minutes around the Southwest Regional League took interest in the following facts,fixtures,standings and statistics.


Pool A Day 12

Continental 1- 4 Victoria United.

Little FC 0-1 America for Africa FC.

Ajax Likomba A-P Buea United.

Bau Mani Bok 1-4 Eyonde FC

Advanced day 13

Buea United 0-3 America for Africa

Pool B Day 12 results


Mt Cam.2- 1 NQSA

Leopards FC 2-1 Best Stars

Tiko United FC

Pool C Day 15 results

Cinyodev 1- 5 Maumu Youths FC

CUSA 1- 1 St Peter’s

Prisons Buea 1- 1 Barca

Dynamic – Ekona (Ekona was absent)

Kumba Lakers

Advanced Day 16 Results

Maumu Youths FC 2-0 Kumba Lakers

Prisons 0- 5 Cinyodev

In pool A Statistics

Victoria United 3rd goal out of the 4-1 win against Continental meant that the boys from the town of friendship became the first club this season to score 30 and that win over Continental made them the fastest and first club to earn 30 points this season.Paul Mbuh and friends achieve that tally in 12 games.

Victoria United have recorded the highest number of win in this season’s championship. That is 10 wins in 12 games.The other two games have ended on a virgin score.

The second and third best teams in this pool in terms of wins recorded are; Eyonde FC and America for Africa with 7 and 6 wins respectively.

Bau Mani Bok is currently on the longest winless streak in this pool. The club has been unable to register a win in its last 6 programmed games.

Opopo scored 31 times this season.Remarkably they have failed to score in Just two of their 12 games.What a record for a club managed by a technical staff all ex players of the Club.

Opopo has hit the back of opponents nets 4 or more times on 5 occasion this season,the most regular team in making defenders feel inferior.

The players always attribute their efficiency in front of goal to the directions of the Gafa Mbock Maput whose football knowledge in his playing days in Cameroon, Zambia and China is now being employed to full effect.

Victoria United have dropped 4 points in two games in the second round of the championship, that is more points drop than they did in 7 first round games.But the boys coached by the former Little Foot midfielder have rediscovered their form in front of goal scoring 10 goals in their last 3 games.

The man who first made his name in Football in Equatorial Guinea before joining Cameroonian club Treviso(Kelly Charles) is still Victoria United’s topscorer with 9 goals so far following his latest double against Buea United FC.

Kum Switbert and guys like Roger Malla are equally contributing their quota of goals.
Little foot FC has failed to win in Tiko in 6 attempts so far but have an impressive away record of 3 wins in 4 games.

Bau Manibok FC and Buea United have suffered the most defeats in pool A this season, that is 7 defeats each.

Continental FA scored in 3 times in match day two of the second round.
The 3 goals scored equal the total number of goals the scored in their first 7 games this season.

Bau Mani Bok is in serious trouble. After recording the highest number of defeats in the first round in Pool A(4 defeats).The club has suffered 3 defeats in the second round.Are they on course to equally their first round record? Let’s give them time.

Hold on and get this; Eyonde FC of Mbonge and Victoria United are still to suffer a defeat at home but with Victoria is still to unite and visit Mbonge in match day 13.That particular fixture Mbonge will surely spit fire.

Unofficial classification

1)Victoria united 32 points. GD+23

Upcoming fixtures:
Eyonde FC (Home)
Little Foot FC (Away)

2)Eyonde FC. 25 points. GD+11


Upcoming fixtures:
Victoria united (Away)
America for Africa (Home)

3)America for Africa 20 points GD+6

Upcoming fixture.
Eyonde FC ( Away)

4) Little Foot FC 12 points GD-2

Upcoming Fixtures:
Continental FA(Home)
Victoria united(Home)

5)Continental FA 11 points GD -12

Upcoming fixtures
Little Foot FC (Away)
Ajax FC (Home)

6)Buea United 9 points. GD -6

Upcoming Fixture.
Bau Mani bok (Away)

7)Ajax Likomba 9 points. GD-14

Upcoming fixtures
Bau Mani bok (Home)
Continental FA(Away)

8) Bau Mani Bok 7 points. GD -10

Upcoming fixtures:
Ajax FC ( Away)
Buea united (Home)

Pool B
EEMSA of Tiko are on a resurgence. Defensively since the employment of Ekokobe Joseph. The team has kept 6 clean sheets this season.The most for pool B teams this season. Their defensive main man Njie Arrey is the rock on which the team defense is built.

Tiko United’s CAF Champions League goalkeeper Ebere Festus is between the sticks for EEMSA and has kept 5 of the 6 clean sheets in 12 games this season.

NQSA win in match day one against Tiko United made NQSA the last team to win a game in Pool B this season.

NQSA has since after second round match day one picked up 7 points and their tally of 10 points in 15 is the second best returns for a Pool B team since the start of the second round.

EEMSA of Tiko has the best returns in the second round for teams in this pool,the team has picked up 10 points from possible 12.

Unofficial classification after Day 12.

1)Mount Cam FA 18 points GD+6

Upcoming fixtures:

EEMSA (Away)
U.B FC (Home)

2)EEMSA Tiko 18 points GD 1

Upcoming fixtures:

Mount Cam FA(Home)
Leopards (Away)

3) Best Stars 14 points +4 goals

Upcoming Fixtures:
Tiko Utd(Away)

4)Leopards FC 14 points GD=0

Upcoming fixtures:

Tiko United (Away)
EEMSA Tiko(Home)

5) Tiko United 13 points +1 goal

Upcoming fixtures:

Leopards (Home)
Best stars( Home)

5) NQSA Limbe 12 points GD-2

Upcoming fixture:

Best Stars(Away)

7) University of Buea FC 8 points GD -1

Upcoming fixture:

Mount Cam. FC(Away)

8)Manyu FC. General forfeiture
Pool C
Cinyodev FA finally suffered her first defeat for the season on match day 15 in a Buea Derby against Maumu youths FC. It was a resounding win for Maumu FC as they scored 5 times for the first time this season.And on match day 16 Cinyodev reacted with their best win of the season beating Prisons by 5 goals to zero in another Buea Derby.

Cinyodev FA has recorded the joined highest number of draws this season.5 draws a record they share with Continental FA of Buea.

Maumu youth’s FC and St Peter’s have all suffered 1 defeat in the league this season.

Maumu youths FC is on a streak of 8 wins in the league and after ending the unbeaten run of St Peters of Limbe in the last match day of the first round.Njorku Barnabas is the wonder working coach behind Maumu’s success.

Maumu Youths FC has picked the ball from the back of their net twice in the club’s 9 outing.

Ngalame Clovis and mates have placed Maumu youths Fans in seven heavens as the club’s 5 goals to 1 win over eternal Rival Cinyodev in Match day 15 has extended the Club’s unbeaten run to 15 games.They are now on a run of 15 games without defeat following their latest 2 nil win over Prisons FC.

Their last defeat was in match day 1 away to CUSA.

Maumu Youths FC is the only club in this season’s championship that have scored in all its games this season.

Ekona FC lost record number of 8 league games in the first round of the championship.

Unofficial classification after advanced Day 16 games.

1) Maumu youths FC 33 points GD+19

Upcoming fixtures;
Ekona FC(Home)
St Peter’s ( Away)
2)St Peter’s 24 points. GD+24

Upcoming fixtures:

Barca Jnr ( Away)
Dynamic FC(Home)
Maumu youths FC (Home)

3)Cinyodev 26 points GD +9

Upcoming fixtures:
Barca Jnr( Away)
Ekona( Home)

4)CUSA. 20 points GD. GD – 2

Upcoming fixtures:
Barca Jnr( Home)

5)Barca Jnr. 14 points GD+4

Upcoming fixtures:
St Peter’s (Home)
6)Prisons FC 14 points. GD-15
Upcoming fixtures;
Kumba Lakers (Away)

7)Ekona FC 9 points GD-9

Upcoming fixtures;
Cinyodev (Home)

8)Kumba Lakers 7 points.GD -13

Upcoming fixtures;

9)Dynamic FC 7 points GD -11 goals.

Upcoming fixtures;
St Peter’s (Away)
Kumba Lakers (Home)

10) Vipers ( General forfeiture)

Overall season’s statistics half way in
Victoria United FC is currently the league’s best goal getting team with 31 goals scored in 12 games,giving the team an average of 2.8 goals scored per game.

Maumu Youths FC is the next best attacking team with 26 goals scored this season.

UB FC are currently on a run of no win in their last 6 games.
A club with a good reputation over the years is suffering the effect of mass exodus of players this season including the departure of their former star goalkeeper Taiwo Princewill who left for Victoria United this season.

Bau Mani Bok,Continental FA,Buea United, Ajax Likomba have all together recorded less wins than Victoria united.
(2 wins each for all 4 clubs gives a total of 8 wins which is less than Opopo’s 10 wins recorded so far)

Ekona FC have an unwanted record of picking the ball from the back of their net in all outing.

Ekona FC have suffered 8 defeats, the had the most defeats in the first half of the season.

Dynamic FC has recorded the highest number of defeats this season’s championship that 9 defeats.

Victoria united have the most organized back four.
The club has picked the ball from the back of their nets just 8 times this season.All clubs in Pool A except Ajax have been able to put the ball pass the goalkeeper of Victoria united this season.

The last 3 match day has seen America for Africa record 3 wins in a streak for the first time this season.

Victoria united,Maumu Youth FC have all qualified for the Mini inter pool championship as it stands.

Just as a reminder 2 teams from Pool A and B plus 4 teams in Pool C will qualify for this season’s mini Inter pool.

6 other teams will join the 2 two teams that have already qualified.

Fasten your seat belt and focus on the drama in Pool B for it may take the toast of a coin to determine which two teams qualify in that Pool.