Ahmad Ahmad or Constant Omari, who is telling the truth? In his desire to bring calm after the controversial remarks of the president of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), his second vice president multiplies the media outlets.

The Congolese was invited this Wednesday during the evening news of TV5 World-Africa.

Constant Omari asserted that no country had applied to replace Cameroon for the organization of AFCON 2019 in the event of a confirmed incapacity of the latter.

“I can reaffirm that CAF has not received the expressed will of the two countries that you have just quoted,” replied the president of the Congolese Football Association to a question on the positioning of Morocco and Algeria as plan B.

These statements could reassure the public opinion if they were not in complete contradiction with the words spoken by the president of CAF in person a few days ago.

“Even if we have the report that Cameroon is unable to host the AFCON, we will open a call for tenders.

There are even countries that are already emerging. I see in the media, Algeria and Morocco that want the organization, “said Ahmad Ahmad at the time of this comments which caused panic in Cameroon.

Faced with such a dissonance of the remarks of two personalities of the same institution, calls to question the real will of CAF.

The consistency is that Moroccan and Algerian officials have officially declared that their respective countries are willing to replace Cameroon.