A handout picture shows Morocco's King Mohammed VI giving a speech to mark the 60th anniversary of the People and the King's Revolution in Rabat on August 20, 2013. AFP PHOTO / Azzouz BoukallouchAZZOUZ BOUKALLOUCH/AFP/Getty Images

Headlines of the Moroccan press daily are launching an attack on Algeria.

A day does not pass without their press attacking Algeria and the Algerians.

The latest prominent feature is the Le 360 ​​sport site, which has a headline: “Despite its visceral hatred towards Africans, Algeria wants to organize AFCON 2019”, as if no African country had the right to apply for the organization of AFCON 2019 aside from Morocco.

Moroccans think they are the new masters of continental football since the fall of Issa Hayatou, to the point where they deny the right to anyone to cherish the hope of organizing the AFCON 2019 entrusted to Cameroon.

Morocco is doing everything in its power to remove it from the hands of Cameroon with the complicity of the new CAF bosses.

In order to swallow the pill of the plot woven in Rabat, Cairo, Harare and Zurich, the Moroccans began to maneuver and chose Algeria as an alibi to divert attention to the planned and executed drifts from Morocco.

The subjects of the king affirm: “Algeria demands what it says is its right.

It brings to life an old promise between fallen presidents. Hayatou and Raouraoua.

“The last time Algeria officially presented a bid to organize AFCON 2017 that Morocco had refused to shelter a few months before the opening of the tournament for false reasons (the” Epidemic Ebola) and thus forbid Africans to set foot in the kingdom.

Between the Algerian and Gabonese file, CAF has made its choice, unfavorable to Algeria.

The 2019, 2021 and 2023 editions were entrusted respectively to Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea.

So the country of a million and a half martyrs was not on any of Issa Hayatou’s papers or on the CAF’s agenda, contrary to what the Moroccans and all the new leaders of African football want to believe.

Moroccans do not shrink from anything, show no scruple to paint a bad image of Algeria that they accused of many social ills.

Through these scenarios, Morocco wants to replace Algeria as the first regional force, in all fields. In order to achieve its objectives, Morocco had recourse to all means.

For now, Algeria does not intend to organize the African Cup of Nations. Morocco though, for the reasons that everyone knows.