Ahmad ,CAF President

By taking up the cause of Cameroon, the auditing company Price Watherhouse Coopers (PWC) dissociates itself from its partner.

We knew the agenda of CAF (Confederation of African Football) yet clear. “In a few days, we will carry out an inspection mission in Cameroon, in the company of a consulting firm,” Ahmad Ahmad told RTB (Radio and Television) on August 6, 2017.

There is no question about it. Since last Saturday, the arrival of the first inspection mission of the future infrastructures of the 2019 African Cup of Nations (AFCON 2019), to be held in Cameroon from 7 June to 7 July, was Postponed.

In a letter to the Cameroonian Football Federation (FECAFOOT) on August 18, the umbrella body of African football said it was due to “last minute withdrawal from the auditing firm Price Watherhouse Coopers (PWC) Which was to accompany the CAF delegation “.


If for the moment the two parties remain silent in relation to this turnaround, the release of Édouard Messou on the airwaves of a French radio on August 20, 2017, however, provides some reading paths.

The Ivorian, president for French-speaking region of Africa for PWC, emphasized less a unilateral position than a real open conjuncture between Ahmad Ahmad on the one hand and the London audit firm on the other.

PWC would reproach the Malagasy for wanting to absorb and dominate private interests and is the sole judge of the general interest.

“In Casablanca, Morocco, on August 17, 2017, during a working session with CAF president, the debate around the PWC specifications in Cameroon landed outside the sphere of neutrality, of this structure, a stake of sidelining of Cameroon,” affirms Édouard Messou.

This may seem anecdotal if the recent statements of Ahmad Ahmad were not the cruel revelation of the need to “do something fast” to bar the way to Cameroon from hosting.

“Let me remind you that CAF has already wished to organize inspection missions in recent months, but each time Cameroon has asked for a postponement,” he told the weekly Jeune Afrique on August 17 , 2017.

For Édouard Messou, “this, as much as the fears about the security of the mission in Cameroon, came to unnecessarily reboot the controversy over the inability of Cameroon to organize the competition.

“In the history of controversies or conflicts between actors with divergent representations and interests over the long term, an argument arises that compels the protagonists to a form of argumentative invention either to consolidate their defensive position, either to shift the game of alliances and conquer or reconquer the assent of the public, “a source told FECAFOOT.

This seems to be the strategy adopted by Ahmad Ahmad who, on behalf of CAF and PWC, would have expressed reservations about the safety of the inspection mission in Cameroon.

In connection with this, Tombi A Roko Sidiki addressed a letter to the Secretary General of CAF on August 18.

In his writings, the president of FECAFOOT assured that all the arrangements are made, sweeping away all the erratic statements of the president of CAF.

In Tsinga (Yaounde), it is concluded that this is a leak forward.

“By composing with ignorance, by making interpretations, by making hypotheses and by these intellectual constructions on security, more mistaken beliefs emerge,” says another source.

“We knew that from the 20th to the 28th of August, the CAF delegation of six people would be within our walls.