By Basil K Mbuye

In spite of its involvement in the Cup of Cameroon round of 16, the two Anglophone Regions have been ignored as far as match schedules are concerned during the recent draws of the tournament.

These two Anglophone regions have four clubs involved in the 16 finals of the Cup of Cameroon and some observer see it as a bias that no match out of the sixteen matches will take place in these two regions.

The Northwest region is currently represented by Bafmeng United that will take on Victoria United of Limbe and also 2013 Cup of Cameroon winners, Yong Sports Academy (YOSA) that will face Renaissance in Douala.

Meanwhile, the Southwest region just like the Northwest, have two representatives. Victoria United aka OPOPO and St Peters FC that will face Pouma FC of Pouma in Douala.

Many have been pondering why with so many sports infrastructures in the Southwest region; the region could not hold a single encounter as far as the round of 16 id concern.

However, some are of the opinion that the regions are considered insecure due to the recent Anglophone crisis in the two Anglophone regions.

The games have been scheduled to take place on October 15 with all the games taking place on a neutral ground.

Complete 16 Finals Draws

Dac2000 Vs Fovu Club

Les Amis De Ngaoundere Vs Foudre Sportive

Colombe Vs Afrika Sport De Yde

Asters Vs Canon

Bamboutos Vs Lion Blessé

Pouma FC Vs St Peters FC of Limbe

Coton Vs UMS

Stade Renard Vs FC Yde2

Feutcheu Vs Derby Sa Mfou

Union Sportive De Kekem Vs Stade Fc De Bandjoun

Savana Fc D’la Vs Bonaberi Fc De D’la

Apejes Vs New Stars

Bafmeng United Vs Victoria United

Eding Sport Vs Leopard FC De Dla

YOSA Vs Renaissance

Racing Vs Aigle