Lion Blesse of Foutuni will be playing their 8th final Cup match with Afrika Sports of Yaoundé in the days ahead, after the Cameroon Football Federation-FECAFOOT dismissed a case against them by Bamboutos FC of Mbouda.

A communiqué signed Monday 23 October, 2017, by the President of the Appeals Commission, Mr Mazou Abdoulaye, validates the score of the 16th final encounter between the clubs on the 17th of October 2017. Lion Blesse won 4-2 on penalties after the match had ended goalless at regulation time.

Bamboutos were appealing the score of the game, claiming Tchoubia Jean Parfait Ledoux who featured for Lion Blesse was still on contract with the Mangwa Boys.

The findings of FECAFOOT show that Tchoubia had obtained liberation to move away from Bamboutos in May. Furthermore, the communiqué of Mr Mazou shows that Tchoubia had played over nine games with Lion Blesse, including a match against the complaining Bamboutos.

The seven teams already qualified for quarter finals are:

UMS of Loum, FC Yaoundé 2, Yong Sports Academy, Victoria United of Limbe, Racing of Bafoussam, New Stars of Douala and Douala Athletic Club.