Coach Joseph Ekokobe of EEMSA Tiko has called on the Southwest population to rally behind Victoria United aka OPOPO.

My cry will be that the whole region should galvanize and support Victoria United in the National Interpools tournament. They are going to represent the region and not

just Limbe. In 2004, FCFA 18 million raised in support for Elect Sport of Limbe and I think that should be done this time also. OPOPO should not leave this time in a solemn manner like they did last time.

Despite failing to see his side preserve their 1-0 away leg win, praised his boys for their performance while congratulating Victoria United for their victory.

I want to say here that , I believe that only OPOPO can bring us Elite Two ticket. They have a nice team, collective play style and above all, they are very determine that any other team in the region.

Sincerely, if it happened that we had won, it would have been great. However, it was very difficult for us to win.

EEMSA is a very young team and since the second round of the championship, we have not lost any game until today at the semi finals return leg.

We also missed players like Ike with his wealth of experience and longevity in the field of play.