Likumu Warriors Fc

It was a memorable day for Raisng Stars of Muea and Likumu Warriors FC of Bokwai as they were both crowned champions in the 5th edition of the Bonavada Youths Football For Health Tournament finals in the female and male categories.

Emmanuel Mbua, organiser

Both finals taking place on Tuesday, August 29 at the Government Primary School-Molyko, spectators were constantly on their toes with mouths open as they sing songs of victory to motivate their teams for the prestigious trophy.

The first final that took place that same day between Bwiteva and Bwitingi United (BB United) Ladies FC against Rising Stars Ladies FC of Muea in the female category saw both teams showcased pretty spectacular play styles that prompted spectators to clap from start to finish as they braved the rains to watch the match.

The encounter, punctuated by sporadic incursions by players of both sides, it was Rising Stars FC that gunned down the resilient BB United Ladies 2 -0.

Meanwhile, in the second encounter that witnessed a lot of fire works as Likumu Warriors FC battled Sante FC in the male final was trolled by a lot of talented players.

The slippery and undulating nature of the pitch did not disturbed both sides from entertaining the over 600 spectators who came to be entertain with good football.

Although seen as favourites on historic bases after they had defeated Likumu Warriors FC in the group stage, however, Sante FC were molested from start to end by Likumu Warriors FC.

A team made up of players plying their trade in Region’s top flight football, Likumu Warriors implored the tiki taka style of play to punished Sante FC.

Sante FC was forced to pick the ball from their own net on three occasions as the game ended with Likumu Warriors FC crowned the 2017 Champs.

Speaking at the end of the finals, Emmanuel Mbua Mbua, the organiser told Sports24cameroon that he was so happy for this year’s edition was excellent.

He also pointed out that since the begining of the tournament some few years ago, this year, it was extended to other villages out of the BONAVA community, due to its growing nature and also in order to promote peace and unity.

Lastly, the organiser thanked all those who contributed financially, morally and spiritually to see that the tournament was a success.