News Stars FC of Douala

There has been a new twist ahead of the Cameroon Cup final that is to pit New Stars FC of Douala against UMS of Loum.

In a communique issued recently, the president of Douala Athletic Club 2000 is accusing New Stars and some of his club players of match-fixing.

In his communique, he raised two issues all against New Stars.

He denounced a scene of corruption involving without his knowledge, some officials of his club and those of New Stars FC of Douala.

Both teams met at the quarter-finals stage of the Cameroon Cup. It was New Stars that carried the day at the Douala Reunification Stadium after a 1-0 scoreline situation with the goal coming in the last minutes of the additional time.

He went further to point out that due to the way the goal came very late, members of New Stars,
confronted the “corrupt” members of the management of Douala Athletic Club to demand repayment of the money they would have received to convince some Douala Athletic Club players to lift their feet during the match.

A mission that in all likelihood has not been fulfilled. Ngalle Nemangou has written to Cameroonian football officials to denounce what he presents as a fact of corruption coupled with intelligence mafia.

In the second part of his press release, Ngalle Nemangou is astonished at the programming of the final, as his team’s protest against some members of New Stars FC: goalkeeper and head coach have not yet been decided by the legal commissions of the Cameroon Football Federation.

The president of Douala Athletic Club, Isaiah Ngallle Nemangou, complains that the final of Cameroon Cup in football is to be announced while the protests of the playoff matches are still pending before the sports courts.

Victoria United are also anxiously waiting for the hearing of a case they submitted to the Sports court regarding a player and coach of New Stars FC.