Coton Sport of Garoua’s Nigerien striker set himself apart from Francis Elimbi by scoring one of his club’s two goals against Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda on the final day of the championship.

This was to the dismay of Francis Maximilian Elimbi. In the race for the title of top scorer of the national Elite One championship, the attacker of Aigle Royale of Menoua was supplanted during the 34th and last day.

While traveling with his club to the Bafang Municipal stadium, the 22-year-old remained silent until the final whistle and his club lost (1-0).

Bad decision of LPFC

The stake for the title of top scorer was not taken into account by the Professional Football League of Cameroon (LPFC).

In its programming, the structure in charge of organizing the Elite One and Two championships of Cameroon made Francis Elimbi and his club played at 1:30 pm.

It was with the news of his challenger that Daouda Kamilou and Garoua’s Coton Sport went down in the arena of the Municipal Stadium of Mbouda to face Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda.

Aided by his team-mates, the Nigerian international was able to score one of his club’s two goals (1-2). This allowed him to go to 20 goals, one more than Francis Elimbi.