After guiding his team to a 2-0 win in the return leg against EEMSA after they were beaten in the first leg 1-0, the Victoria United tactician criticised his opponent’s system of playing deep and also delay tactics in their game style.

Hear him: ” I am not surprised by our victory today. Like I said last time, I don’t doubt my players.I knew they will put on a great fight and they did it today.

We played today with three midfielders, one sitting midfielder and two offensive which was great.

As part of our strategy, we had to keep Paul Rodrique Nyame on the bench. I knew that he will come in and he will be the killer man. I never doubted the character of my guys.

“In a game of 90 minutes, we were able to play just 50 minutes since our opponent was killing the game with many delay tactics.

I was so annoyed of the fact that they were killing the game but I had confidence in my guys.

EEMSA is a good side with a good manager. In our last game in Buea, they played very deep and still repeated the same play style here today.

In regard to their offensive play, they are not too good offensively.”