Current league leaders Eding Sport

Eding Football Club of the Lekie has been crowned 2017 Champion of the Elite one Championship after braving the odds and overpowering seventeen league teams to stay at the top of the chat.

The present Champions obtained the status three playing days to the end of the season.

After day 32 of the championship, the boys of  Lekie recorded 63 points.

Eding wins the highly celebrated trophy for the first time after slightly loosing grip of the trophy to Apejes of Mfou last year 2016 at the quarter finals.

The young football club was created in 2012, since then, it rose to several levels in Cameroon football.

Upon creation, the team played at the divisional and regional levels.

2013-2014; the club was crowned the champion of the Centre regional league and was promoted to League 2 championship.

At the end of the season, Eding Sports of  the Lekie moved from League 2 to 1 after finishing on third position.

During the 2016/2017 football season, Eding Sport of the Lekie  recorded an impressive performance and gained the eight position.

The club presently has major football titles and a Football Academy just six years after it was created.