The 2009 regional and divisional executives of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) for all the ten regions, will henceforth administer football related affairs of the respective regions till fresh elections are conducted.

This follows a communiqué signed and released on Friday 6th October, 2017, by the President of the Normalisation Committee, Barrister Dieudonne Happi. The 2-page document explains that the move was necessitated by a decision taken on the 27th of February 2017 by the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).

As a matter of fact, CAS was reacting or just confirming an earlier decision (12th November, 2015) by Cameroon’s Arbitration Chamber of the Olympic Committee, invalidating the elections of 28th September, 2015 (Tombi’s rise to power).

Consequently, the existing regional and divisional FECAFOOT executives formed by the ousted Tomi A Roko regime have automatically been relieved of their functions with no region spared. It also implies that the 2009 set of officials are taking over to play the role of normalization till February 2018.

“En application de cette sentence et de l’article 29 du Code Electoral de la FECAFOOT en vigueur, les membres des assemblés des ligues régionales et départementales, des conseils et bureaux des ligues régionales et départementales, élus dans le cadre du processus électoral de 2009, restent en fonction jusqu’à finalisation du processus électoral en cours,” the French document reads.

In the case of the SWR, Mr Ndaze Valery (acting regional President), Madam Nkengafe Prudencia (Vice President), the Secretary General (Mayebi John Namanga), and all divisional officials have to leave with the immediate effect.

The 2009 South West regional executives who are taking over as per the Friday communiqué are as follows:

Mbella Moki Charles (President)

Helen Sakwe (Vice President)

Mbu Taku Mbu Stephen (deceased, SG)

Ndumbe Eyoum (Ass. SG)

Ewunkem Joseph (deceased, Treasurer)

Doiny William (Ass. Treasurer)



Ewane Samuel (deceased, President)

Moore Joseph (Vice President)

Lyonga Davidson Nangoh (Secretary General)

Madam Batawi Regina (Treasurer)


Etiendem Christopher (President)

Nkemteba Joseph (Vice President)

Muoshuo Francis (Secretary General)

Njualem Moses (Treasurer)


Tataw Ebot John (President)

Arreymbor Emmanuel (Vice President)

Betek Donald (Secretary General)

Besong Daniel (Treasurer)


Okanda Edwin (President)

Mesembe Gabriel (Vice President)

Asari William (Secretary General)

Mokwe Joachim (Treasurer)


Etchi Conrad (deceased, President)

Esapa Samuel (Vice President)

Mukete Henry (Secretary General)

Madam Ngoh Elisabeth (deceased, Treasurer)


Epie Alobwede (deceased, President)

Makia Thomas (Vice President)

Nzene Sylvester (Secretary General)

Tabe Tabe Felix (Treasurer)

Note that FIFA had stressed that whoever takes part in the normalization process will not be eligible for the imminent elections.

For now, pundits, analyst, and other football stakeholders of the country are still doubtful on what rules the Barrister Happi-led team will put in place as eligibility criteria for the forthcoming elections.