Victoria United FC of Limbe

The Team Manager of Victoria United, Mr Diffang Nelson, says the Appeals Commission of FECAFOOT will review their eligibility protest against New Stars of Douala, after certain formalities were fulfilled.

According to the Team Manager who was in Yaoundé for the issue, all hope is not lost for Opopo.
Talking to Volcanic Sports Wednesday 8 November, 2017, Mr Diffang explained why the case initially ruled out has been reconsidered.

Question: What level are you with your eligibility protest against New Stars Mr Team Manager?

“For every evidence that we have, except otherwise; the same protest came up while they played with DAC, on the same player and the Coach, on the procedure of their liberation.

“From every document that I went to Yaoundé, you saw the bylaws of Bamboutos of Mbouda, that is in the archives of FECAFOOT. On the eight page, everything is stated there how only the President has the authority to liberate a player.

“But looking critically into the cases of the said player, goalkeeper Israel Kologni Kologni and the Coach (Laurent Georges Djam), it was somebody else in the Bamboutos Executive that liberated that player.

“So from every indication, the liberation was a fraud one. Everything has been put in place for the Homologation and Disciplinary Commission to decide.

Question: We already had some sources saying that Opopo had lost the case. Can you confirm this information?

“That was the first, automatically, before the case. The HDC in Yaoundé was supposed to sit on Tuesday. So we filed in our case but our lawyer could not get there on time.

“But today (Wednesday 8 November), they have paid for the Appeal FCFA 200,000. Deliberations are ongoing now, and we await the outcome on Friday 10 November 2017.”

After a 2-0 loss in a semi-final tie last Saturday in Douala, Opopo claimed former Bamboutos goalkeeper Israel Kologni Kologni was illegally contracted to New Stars of Douala.

Despite the Appeal, the 2017 Cameroon Cup finalists for the time being, New Stars and UMS, are intensifying training. Friday shall tell if New Stars should continue with training or not.