Gaetan Bong

Gaëtan Bong was the guest of Breaking Foot yesterday on SFR Sport. He took the opportunity to give his opinion on his manager in Brighton Hove Albion.
He also spoke on how to stop a striker of the caliber of Sergio Aguero, top scorer in the history of Manchester City.

Chris Hughton, Brighton coach, said he regretted the fact that there are too few high-level color managers. How do you explain the fact that there are not many black managerss?

I do not understand. Chris Hughton is one of the best managers I have had. He knows what he wants. This proves that blacks also have the skill to do very well in coaching.

Whether in England or elsewhere, I do not understand why there are not many black coaches while there are a lot of players of colour in the world. It is not normal.

I think there should be more so we can see other things, be more open. It is obvious that skin colour does not make a coach better.

How can one defend a player like Aguero?

It’s complicated but you have to be tough on the man because it’s the only way to lose the pedals of a great player.

We have to make sure that he is a bit scared. Make sure he does not want to turn around.
He is a great player so he always manages to find a solution.
Manchester City’s style of play is based on possession so it creates spaces. You have to know how to take a step back because you can not follow a player like Aguero the whole game.