Joseph Feutcheu

The former-new president of the Western Regional Football League, is delighted with his return to business. It also evokes the controversy around his legitimacy.

What comment did you make after your return to the Western Football League ?

I must say that God has pity on us, on our football. I must also recognize that, thanks to the efforts of our President of the Republic, President Paul Biya. It is he who is behind this change, because you have to know while people are dancing, he is observing and analyzing. And after, he made decisions. And that’s a very wise decision. We thank him for all his attention to Cameroonian football.

What can you say to those who question your legitimacy ?

Ask them the question. I do not know what to say because I am legitimate.

In 2009, you were not there, president …

That’s what you say, the proof is I’m here now.

What are the actions you intend to take to redress the football that is going according to several opinions, poorly in the Western region ?

How can you say that football is doing badly in the Western region ? Already with my team Feutcheu FC , I could be leading the national championship Elite One, but I was 4th . Out of 18 clubs in the first division, the West was well represented. In National 2nd Division, we are also expecting the rise of the champion of the Western Region.

Within 5 years, Bandjoun in particular and the West in general will be the home of football in Cameroon because it explodes where I am, in Bandjoun, there will soon be 5 clubs in the first division (Stade de Bandjoun, Matelots, Feutcheu FC, Charité FC de Djebem et Bombardier FC de Bandjoun). So you understand that football is doing well in the West.

At the regional level, I have just taken office. The MTN Elite One teams relegated this season like Lion Blessé de Fotouni, Racing Bafoussam and Panthère du Ndé are the three out of the five teams I had brought up when I was there, whom they brought down. Next year, the three teams will have to go up.

I’m here to restore order where we have messed up. It’s not because I have a magic wand, but because where I am, there is blessing. You have to know that. The talisman that people are going to take everywhere is useless. This is the cause of the defeats of some teams. When I played the Cameroon Cup with Astres, the leaders of this team brought the players somewhere where they spent seven days with their feet performing rituals.

When I learned that, I was already sure of my victory. When you go to the charlatans, it’s useless. It is God who gives power. Tradition must be left to the traditionalists. But we must follow the divine path, there will be too much success. In the West, there are some who go to the church and go to the foot of the baobab as soon as they are out.

Our football must resume its growth. there are some who go to church and go to the foot of the baobab as soon as they are out. Our football must resume its growth. There are some who go to church and go to the foot of the baobab as soon as they are out. Our football must resume its growth.

When will you start working ?

I am already at work. I also called a meeting with members of the assembly to get things done at the regional level. It will be questioned that everyone gives his constructive ideas. The people of 2009 were constructive people, not like those who came on an adventure and the president of the republic saw clearly.

I congratulate the new heads of Normalisation Committee; I have not been there yet to say hello, but I see their work in the field. They work very well, I give them 20/20 so far. If God allowed it to be, it means that things are fine until the end.

Would you be a candidate for the next FECAFOOT?

I do not know yet. If you want me to be a candidate, I will. If you do not want me to be a candidate, I’ll stay calm. Many deceive themselves by believing that things are easy. It takes a lot of sacrifices for things to work. When you’re at a job, it’s not to sit down, it’s work. I know what needs to be done to make things work very well. Do you think everybody enjoys volunteering? I work for nothing. The only reward I expect must come from God.

Translated from Camfoot