The construction of the Japoma sports complex will accelerate in the coming days with the arrival of new equipment.

Announced for the month of August, the second large ship carrying the essential equipment to the site of the Japoma stadium docked Wednesday morning at the Port of Douala (PAD).

From Ankara, Turkey, the vessel named “Team Spirit” has on board 3600 tons of equipment. Notably iron bars, land cranes and especially containers.

There are 90 in total, 80 containers of 40 feet and 10 of 20 feet. All of them landed on the same day and parked in the EE3334 zone.

The Team Spirit slipped yesterday Thursday to Pier 7 after the container dock at Douala International Terminal (DIT) for unloading the rest of the equipment.

Subsequently, it was learned from the port authorities that this material will be transported to the site of the shipyard in Japoma as soon as the customs formalities have been completed.

At the port, it is not more than three days old. After the first vessel named “Favourisation”, which had docked on April 17, Team Spirit was the next to arrived the Douala Port.

The next ship is expected in a few days, we learn, will be the first to deliver the famous prefabricated structures.

The contractors, Yenugun and Leonardo have already given an appointment on September 30, 2018 for the delivery of the Japoma stadium and its two annexes.