A decision by the Regional Football League for the Littoral irritates the referees, who did not hesitate to besiege the League, this Tuesday, November 14, 2017, in Douala.

At the origin of this dispute, a problem of bonuses. According to our sources, the 2009 Executive, led by Charles Léa Eyoum, recently established by the FECAFOOT Normalisation Committee, wanted to reduce the amount initially given for a single game from FCFA 10,000 to FCFA 7,000 and their transport reduced from FCFA 5000 to FCFA 3000.

A decision that did not please the men in black, who threatened to play the next games without touching their respective bonuses, if they were to be reduced.

However, after more than two hours of negotiation, the two parties finally reached an agreement. Match bonuses are maintained at FCAF 10,000, while the cost of transport will now depend on the distance from the match venue and the rates charged by travel agencies.