Bell Antoine

The former goalkeeper of the Indomitable Lions thinks that Cameroon must absolutely fulfill this commitment in 2019 despite its economic difficulties.

Once again under structural adjustment in June 2017 by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Cameroon is facing enormous economic difficulties.

To realize the many projects linked to the organisation of the 2019 African Cup of Nations that was awarded to her in 2014, the country has contracted large debts with several foreign financial institutions and partners.

A precarious financial situation coupled with many other social problems that worry several compatriots who have come to believe that the organisation of the biggest event in African football should not be a priority for the country of the Indomitable Lions.

Joseph Antoine Bell, a former indomitable Lion, has radically disassociated himself from the advocates of this thesis during his visit on Sunday to the program “Droit de Réponse” on Equinoxe Télévision.

“All those who ask this question are to be pitied. Truly, all these people are to be pitied.

Have you ever been to the United States? There are more than 30 million poor people in the street but they go to the moon, they go in Mars.

Indeed, those who ask this kind of question is like telling us that because there are sick people in Cameroon, all those who are healthy must not live anymore, “says the former goalkeeper.

Cameroon must, according to him, fulfill this commitment instead of “starting to say that we should not host the AFCON because there is another subject …”

Joseph Antoine Bell also disagrees with those who feel that the Cameroonian cities that are to house the different pools of the competition are not ready for infrastructure (stadiums, roads, reference hospitals, sanitation and urban development …) .

“I’ve heard people say things that are real nonsense. I was at the CAN in the others. You know where Sikasso is? Do you know where Lubango is? You know where Ebebeyin is?

You have not yet seen on the Ben skin (commercial motorbikes, Editor’s note) people who do not have our skin color? In our cities? CAF leader will be on a benskin, never a football team will be on a benskin.

Racing de Bafoussam, when they go to play, it is not on a benskin. The referees who handles matches don’t do so on a benskin.

“He reassures us before adding:” If we listen to all that is said, we will do nothing than to deal with misfortunes. Let us think of life “.