Since the beginning of the 2016/2017 football season, the legendary PWD Bamenda is yet to leave the relegation zone despite the sacking of its coach.

One will begin to wonder what might be the reason for the poor run of form for a famous club like PWD Bamenda with the greatest number of fans in Cameroon.

Several questions have been asked without a reply forthcoming.

The Abakwa Boys as they are fondly called, might see their 65th anniversary mal by relegation to the inferior league should they fail to escape relegation.

Known for its wide support across the region and beyond one turn to wonder where these supporters have gone to when the team now need them most to survive relegation. takes a look at some of the reasons that might be responsible for the team’s poor performance this season.

PWD Bamenda, the once breathing ground for players Dr. Ekwa, Peter Essoka, Frankline Ngoh, Zacharie Nkwo, Ben Bola, Sunday Nji, Simo Agustine, Ben Bola Forcha, Matthew Andongcho Mbuta among others has lost its flare.

Firstly, PWD Bamenda supporters are all armchair supporters as many of them are yet to react to the financial crises facing the club.

In one of the club’s outing, the players were forced to use their phones in order to book hotel ahead of their game against Douala Athletic Club in the first round.

It is a shame that a club of such magnitude in Cameroon football is going through such an embarrassing situation.

Congress has not been announced in order to see how the club’s fate can be change since its financial predicaments reached drastic level.

The dormancy nature of former players who all saw their limelight thanks to the clubs platform is a huge blow to PWD Bamenda.

This is greatly handicapping the club’s results. These former players, have forgotten where they once climb to limb to professional football abroad.

We have seen former players of some clubs coming back to see that they give back to their clubs that once give to them.

However, the situation with PWD of Bamenda is different. These former players seem to have disassociated themselves from the club.
Northwest elites have turned their backs on the darling club that once make Bamenda people and Northwesterners as a whole proud.

Unlike the situation in West Region where elites always come to the rescue of their clubs, the situation in Bamenda is different.

These elites only come around the club during periods of elections for their own selfish gains.

After elections like the situation now, they alienate themselves from the club.

Former PWD Bamenda presidents like Ni John Fru Ndi, SDF National Chairman among others have failed to see into the club’s worrisome situation.

For the team to stay in the country’s professional league, former team presidents and supporters, have to come back to give their darling team the support it greatly needs now.

It seems the team has been abandoned to its present President Abunde Pascal who is a novice in football management.

Also, the people’s team like PWD Bamenda-if at all it is still the people’s club, cannot be manage by an individual.

There is still time for PWD Bamenda to escape survival, it both its supporters and elites act now or regret later.

Where are the real Bamenda people?