Oumarou Sanda Hamaselbe

Oumarou Sanda Hamaselbe yesterday resigned as the chairman of Coton Sport’ board of directors. Sanda was voted board chair on September 22, 2017 to replace Gabriel Mbairobe but since he became Board Chair he has had issues with the club president especially in relations to recruitment of players and members of the playing staff.

Amongst such issues is his desire to sign 4 foreign players and a foreign coach to run Coton Sport with his own funds but such good ideas from one of the finest football actor from the North region were meet by stiff resistance from the cotonites president who insist on going by the club’s status quo.

According to Coton Sport’s standard operating procedure, the president is in charge of recruitment and not the Board Chair.

Sanda Oumarou’s head of communication says his boss resignation was motivated by personal reasons.