Senator Mbella Moki

I am a very happy and proud president of FECAFOOT for the Southwest. You should know that we have done a lot of work in recent years to improve on our level in football.

Today, I am a living witness to the level of football I have seen. Unfortunately, it is just one club that has to qualify for the National Interpools and I hope that that club will make us proud.

I regret the elimination of St Peters, they have a wonderful squad, well structured, equipped and with talented players.

I will encourage them to keep working. EEMSA should keep working and for am sure there is a brighter future for them.

I will like to congratulate Maumu Youth FC and Victoria United for making it into the final.I pray that the best team out of the two will represent us at the National Interpools.

I am so proud of the out put on the field of play and also I want to thank the various management for the sacrifices they have been making. I wish them the best.

I am confident that we will have an Elite Two team. By all standards, this is one of the top class levels of football in the country. The teams are very good and without mincing voice, the teams should not rest but keep working harder.

The team I saw today was a different team. All the compartments of the team were functioning and I can tell you with all assurance that these two teams can go so far.

I have watch football within the country and I am confident that we will have an Elite Two team.

Southwest football has gotten to the level that we expected and I am confident that we shall be successful at the National Interpools.