Southwest Regional League’s Homologation and disciplinary committee’s, HDC, decision not to punish unruly fans of Leopards Fc has thrown the committee shine to the dust.

Despite mounting evidence to support allegations of assault on two players of EEMSA, only one incident was reported leaving some stakeholders to cry foul.

Many believe the decision to let Leopalds FC off the hock is not justice to football in the region as other clubs have been sanctioned for committing the similar offence.

Acknowledging the problem and not dealing with it, one school of thought argues that Leopard FC should have gotten tougher sanctions like those that were meted out accordingly to officials of Catholic University Sports Academy and Cinyodev of Buea for anti sporting behaviors.

Some see it as a missed opportunity for the HDC to stamp it’s authority.

The 15-page decision, also send Manyu FC and Vipers FC of Ekombe have been relegated to the inferior league.

The southwest championship has registered tremendous progress since the new bureau assumed office but its “Android” Secretary General, John Namanga Mayebi believes there is still a long way to go and now wants representatives of clubs to assume more responsibility especially in curbing fans violence and unsporting behaviors.

According to him the HDC has been unfairly demonized as clubs have failed to control their fans.