Although the draws would have looked predictable on paper when these clubs were put together on paper, the outcome has however, made the group the toughest.

The group games ended with clubs like legendary Mount Cameroon of Buea, Best Stars Academy of Limbe and EEMSA of Tiko with 21 points.

The situation has sent football bookmakers to consult their notes as to who heads the group after the end of group matches.

With just two teams to sail for the Mini Interpools in this group, football bookmakers have been looking at the rules that solve such situations.

Present Situation

Looking at the head to head confrontation among these clubs and points from meeting among these clubs, EEMSA have recorded two wins, a draw and a defeat giving them seven points in four games. They defeated Best Stars in Limbe and were beaten at home on the Homologation Committee’s ruling.

On her part, Best Stars just like EEMSA has seven points from two wins, a draw and a defeat in four games.

The situation is different for Mount Cameroon has just two points after recording two draws against EEMSA and Best Stars. They have been beating twice by both teams and so do not stand a chance as far as head to head classification is concern.

However, the official decision will be made known when the Homologation and Disciplinary Committee meets to homologate matches.

Going back to the drawing board, EEMSA showed their ambitions of representing the region as they are the only team in this pool to win four games consecutively.