Victoria United aka OPOPO

The first defeat in the Southwest Regional incurred by the team from the sea side city, Victoria United aka OPOPO, has sent many tongues wagging.

Victoria United were beaten by Eyonde FC 3-1 on September 18, 2017.

Some observers see the first defeat of OPOPO by Eyonde FC as a beginning to the teams fall in the championship ahead of the upcoming Mini-Interpools.

According to Chama Divine Toh on the Southwest regional League forum “things have started falling apart for Victoria United and I wish it continues in the Mini Interpools.”

This same opinion of the club’s defeat to many means the club has reached diminishing returns as far as its performance is concern.

Meanwhile, to some it is a wakeup call for the club authorities to wake up from their slumber ahead of the play offs.

OPOPO have been tipped by many as potential champions for this year after their 100 record performances in the first round saw them winning all their games.

However, in the second round, they have failed to replicate their first round performance as they started failing to win matches.