Emmanuel Ndoumbé Bosso

In a post match interview, Yong Sports Of Bamenda, YOSA,asked after the qualification of his team Yong Sport for the quarter-finals of the Cameroon Cup, Emmanuel Ndoumbé Bosso spoke on the behavior of his foals and the ambitions of YOSA in Cameroon Cup.

What is your feeling after the game?

Games like these are not easy, in my usual experience, I like to meet more upscale teams because we know each other. But with this kind of team, it’s a game that must be won in the field.

This justifies the performance of your team?

We have prepared this match for Saturday and it was on Friday evening around 6pm that we were informed of the postponement of the match to Sunday. It’s not easy because this changed our training program. It’s not good at all if you prepare a match and you do everything including the recognition of the stadium on Friday and the game is postponed, it’s complicated and that’s what got us a timid first half performance. Thank God we managed to get back in the second half. The first half was not affordable for us, but we managed to put the game back in the second half and we made the difference.

What made the difference in the second half?

We focused on what we were looking for in the first part to know our real game, in the second half finding that they were a little down the guard we pressed the accelerator to take the game to our account .

What justifies this turnover?

The truth is that we had a few injured player and some recovered for the game today. I can guarantee you there are no small teams and every time we enter the field, the team we line up is the best possible to produce the result.

What is your objective ?

We progress gradually and manage on a case-by-case basis, and the next is the quarterfinal stage. So we are waiting for our next opponent.