Tombi A Roko Sidiki

Terror in his corner since leaving the office of FECAFOOT, rumours say he is working underground to sabotage and scuttle the efforts of the Normalisation Committee.

The former President of the FECAFOOT goes out of his reserve to clear the air regarding the allegations.

hear him: “We have been shown that some media and sports analysts approve to my Executive Committee and to my infamous allegations likely to disrupt the work of the Normalisation Committee [of the Cameroon Football Federation].

“Allegations that we categorically refute and reiterate our full confidence in this Committee which we are convinced of its ability to carry out its mission: that of organizing a credible election accepted by all the different actors, pledge, in our opinion, the Cameroonian football radiance.

In doing so, we would like to reaffirm our respect to the republican order and are wholeheartedly with the measures taken by FIFA on August 23, 2017, setting up a Normalisation Committee. Consequently, we are dissociating ourselves from all maneuvers, speeches and initiatives likely to stumble on the smooth running of the Normalisation Committee.

Also, until then, we had not commissioned any citizen by media to bring our concerns. Because for us, only the best interests of Cameroon, especially football must prevail”.

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