Victoria United FC

Victoria United FC of Limbe aka OPOPO are through to the Southwest Mini Interpools semifinals following a 2-1 defeat on Sunday at the Limbe Centenary Stadium.

OPOPO (One People One Power) advance to the tournament semifinals for the second consecutive time since the return of the National Interpools after beating CUSA 2-1 in what turned out to be a far more difficult objective than they could have imagined.

Robert Molango Oben scored in the first half after confusion from the Victoria United defence line that saw the keeper Princewill Tayiwoh failing to make a good clearance.

Vigilant, Molango Oben calmly kicked the ball in an empty goal post at the 35th minute to send the over 300 CUSA supporters jubilating while those of OPOPO could be seen licking their wounds.

With just 10 minutes left in the second segment of the game, the OPOPO side that has been suffering from complacency could be seen struggling to turn the table around. Their efforts were all frutile as they seem to be riding on banana peelings.

CUSA will finally maintain their lead in the first half despite threats from the OPOPO attacking machinery.

Catholic University Sports Academy (CUSA)

When play will resume in the second half, realizing that their opponents meant business, OPOPO changed their play style to a more focus one as they continue to breakdown a resilient CUSA.

14 minutes into the second half, substitute Swithbert Kum converted a cross with a header to level tally. This was welcomed with the thunderous cheering and ululations from the supporters of OPOPO that had been mute.

With just 10 minutes left, former Sunshine Stars F.C of Nigeria midfielder, Tamen Medrano Ngathie strike deflected gave OPOPO the much awaited goal that sealed victory for them.