Enow Ngachu

The Director General of the National Football Academy, ANAFOOT, is saving the first session of the Council of Studies that took place this November 8 in Yaounde.

The former coach of the Indomitable Lionesses also focuses on the U13 training program while summarily presenting the goals in technical, tactical, physical, psychological, game laws as well as aspects related to the education to citizenship.

What are the main objectives that guided the work of this first session of the Council of Studies?

It must already be known that it is a Council of Studies which was also created by the decree of the Head of State. The Council issues a preliminary opinion on the contents of the educational programs offered within the Academy ; the organization of lessons and their evaluation; recruitment of teachers and supervisors; the valorization of the acquired experience ; any other questions to be submitted by the Board of Directors.

The aim of the work of this first session of the council study was to validate the contents of the training program for young football players in the clusters. I believe that the work was done in good conditions, there were proposals, observations that we took into account.

At the end, we were able to validate the program contents, the training of the coaches, that is to say the heads of poles and the deputies, the programs of the educators, the seminars for the sports doctors, the kits masters. Basically, we have validated all the programs.

On which capital points will you focus your work that is just starting?

It is primarily the training of cluster leaders and their assistants that remains the priority. We must teach them how to write administrative work. Remember that these are the first coaches we have on hand. This must be taken into account.

For this purpose, they will have a dual role: to supervise what is happening on the ground, sometimes to go on the ground to work with young people and, in addition, to be able to report at any time and to send to Central Africa, mainly here Yaounde. Since the programs have been validated, I believe that in the coming days, things will continue in the same dynamic.

We have already launched the training of a recycling course for pole chief and deputies. As of December, we will launch the detection for the 10 poles of ANAFOOT.

Are all the conditions already in place?

When we speak of poles, it is in the form of an external regime. That is to say that after, we will retain only the best that will be selected for an internal regime. The chief town is Yaounde.

So while waiting for our infrastructures to be put in place, I think we have plan B, we even have plan C. There is nothing that will stall us. Everything will happen in better conditions.

Translated from Camfoot