The 2019 Elite One and Elite Two football championships begins at the weekend of 26th and 27th January 2019.

This is one of the major decisions  arrived at the just ended  meeting between the FECAFOOT boss, his counterpart of the Professional Football League and Elite Club President this Thursday, January 3,2019.

The high profile meeting organised at the FECAFOOT seat at Tsinga was a  decisive one for the start of the football season in the country.

The come together was sanctioned with a final communique signed  by the various club representatives, football authorities and the three presidents in attendance.

Another major declaration in the final communique indicated that Board of Directors of the professional League will meet on Friday, January 11, 2019 to put down the final modalities ahead of the new season.

Some of the modalities will be to come up with the opening contestants, the venue and other related issues.

Another welcomed initiative is the maintenance of the status quo of the local leagues in the country,  that is to say, eighteen teams will compete at the Elite One championship and fifteen for Elite two competitions.

The decisions amongst many others were welcomed by  many club Presidents like Paschal Abunaw of PWD Bamenda.

To him the decision to maintain the same number of  teams this season will help overcome some of the financial challenges in the  Cameroon Professional Football League.

He added that many of his colleagues applauded the decision by the three presidents to put in place the necessary structures for the success of the 2019 football season.

The in-camera meeting was chaired by the new president of FECAFOOT , Seido Mbombo Njoya