The 2018 budget was officially launched on January 10, 2018 in the ten regions of the country. On a global forecast of FCFA 4513 billion, an envelope of FCFA 71.813 billion was allocated to the Littoral region.

It will be used temporarily to accelerate and complete the structuring projects for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2019, which will shelter the economic capital.

“This year,” said Dieudonné Nseck, head of mission budget launch for Littoral, the focus is on the completion of projects that are ongoing. AFCON 2019 will also take place in Douala. So this will help speedup the completion of sports infrastructures in Littoral”.

This envelope will at the same time allow the improvement of the living conditions of the populations. “We have the development of the road network of the city of Douala through the penetrating East and West, but this does not hide the ordinary projects that are the construction of classrooms, health centers, boreholes …” added the head of mission budget launch in the Littoral.

The region, and especially the economic capital, is however called upon to provide additional efforts for the mobilization of non-oil revenue and the improvement of the quality of the expenditure. Among other expectations of credit managers in the Littoral region, budgetary discipline that leads to a reduction in the lifestyle of the state.

In addition, the schedule of budget consumption in the region has been presented to different providers. The focus is on the deadline for the commitment of regulatory rights for public contracts set on March 30.

A turnaround time that will allow service providers to spend eight months for the completion of contracts on dates.

The same applies to the expiry of the orders of November 30 and the closing of the public funds on December 31, 2018.

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