Cem Sagar ,football agent

In an interview with in Limbe on Sunday, December 3, Cem Sagar a football agent with United Kingdom,UK, based company Diamond Sports Management expressed satisfaction in the way Cameroon football is evolving. He also states their mission in Africa, Cameroon among others.

Sports24cameroon: What is your mission in Cameroon?

Cem Sagar: Our mission is to help as many young players as possible to go to Europe, play in top leagues and give them the opportunity to play in Europe. We are here in Cameroon to also scout for the next super talent.

What is your take on Cameroon football?

I will say that Cameroon football is growing very fast because before we first came to Cameroon the technical ability of some of the players was really below. However, in the last two years, I can see that the technical ability of Cameroonian players is getting better. They are blessed with speed, power and want think that was lacking from their game was the technical ability.

We can now see players who have improved in their techniques, ball control , their game on the pitch and their technical knowledge. So it is getting better and better for Cameroonian players and this is why we are here.

Have you been able to see some talents here In Cameroon?

Yes, for sure. We are here today to watch two of Victoria United
players because we have seen them before. However, I wouldnt want to say anything, but it looks like we will be taking them to Europe.

What are the names of these players ?

It is confidential for now