By Giovanni Wanneh

A Cameroonian waving the flags high in the United States:
This is the time of the year when basketball lovers, would get intrigued with the return of the N.B.A.
Squeaky sound’s from the best of sneakers, the ball being carresed on fine wood, the slam dunks, ferocious block’s, and the three pointers from down town would all be back.

The National basketball association have
Scheduled the program as follows:
*Normal season October 16, 2018-April 10, 2019.
*April 2019 to may 2019 playoffs.
*June 2019 finals, with a total of 82 game’s to be played.
Last season’s championship was a success to other’s, a step forward for some franchises and absolutely Howler’s for some of the big gun’s.

Joel Embiid of Philadelphia 76ers made the playoffs, luc mbah (father of Cameroonian basketballers) made the playoffs with Huston Rockettes, and Pascal siakam made the playoffs too with the (Toronto raptors).

Cameroon surprisingly stands 31st of most productive nation’s to the National basketball association.

Africa have witnessed the finest basketballers graced the N.B.A ; A Nigerian Hakeem Olajuwan (the Dream), a complete athlete and a ledgend of the game. Cameroon just seem to be on the way with their own prodigy’s.

With The names mentioned above, one is standing out clear: make no mistake about it, (the father of Cameroonian basketballers) luc mbah is a ledgend and has graced 6 franchises presently with the L.A clippers, and Pascal siakam is a vital ingredient in the ranks of the Toronto raptors especially with the loss of their star man (Demar De Rozen) to the San Antonio Spurs.
How ever, at 24, Joel Embiid has brought Soo much joy to the Cameroonian and African public as his home is already burging with successful accolades; made the All Stars 2018, runner-up Rockie of the year 2017, runner-up defensive player of the year 2018. In two years it’s incredible how the 76sers coach (Brett Brown) has assembled this team and taken the championship by storm.
Last season for Embiid was all about improvement, and dear! did he improve. Their loss to Boston could be attributed to inexperience as they were brushed (4-1), his statistics were appetizing getting (22.9) points a game.
Back from the N.B.A African game in Pretoria where he was vice captain for team Africa, Embiid is ready to go again.
The possibility for doing great things have risen as leBron James(King James) had a change of franchise(Western conference) during the summer; basketball writer’s predict the fall of (Cavs) and are paving the way for Philadelphia to challenge Boston Celtics stride to stride and role something off their sleeves in the Eastern conference.
Watch out for Joel Embiid as his combination with Ben Simon’s would bring forth fruits.
The African and Cameroonian N.B.A player’s would be followed closely by sports 24 Cameroon.