Union of Douala FC

The matches of the round of 16 of the Cup of Cameroon  in football were disputed throughout last weekend. Overall, there were no big surprises. Otherwise, the favorites on the paper did the job except Apejes de Mfou eliminated by Lion Blesse of Fotouni.

List of those who qualified

Foudre d’Akonolinga,

Fédéral du Noun,

Renaissance FC,

Lion Blessé de Fotouni,

Canon de yde,

Tonnerre of  Y’de,

Unisport du haut Nkam,

Colombe du sud,

Panthere du Nde,

Eding sport,

Feutcheu Fc,

Yong Sport,

Union de Douala,

Coton Sport of Garoua,

New-Stars of Douala,

UMS Of Loum