The Sports Director and the administrative secretary, are accused by the president of the club, to have maneuvered with New Stars of Douala to “distort the smooth running” of the game played at the quarter-finals of the Cameroon Cup, won by their opponent ( 1-0).

The statement issued by the chairman of Douala Athletic Club (Dac) 2000, Ngalè Nemangou, on November 9, has shaken the Cameroonian football community. In this note, the DAC 2000 president informs the public that the sports director and the administrative secretary have been “suspended as a precautionary measure from any activity within the club”.

They are accused by the club, to have been corrupted by the leaders of New Stars Douala, during the meeting of the quarterfinals of the Cameroon Cup (1-0), which took place on Sunday, October 28, 2017, at the Douala Reunification Stadium

“At the end of this meeting lost by this formation, it was brought to the knowledge of the Secretary General of DAC 2000, present at the stadium, extremely serious facts of corruption that have highlighted the underside of a mafia intelligence between our staff and leaders of New Stars Douala to distort the smooth running of this meeting, “said the author of the release.

And to add: “the situation has reached its climax here, when in open sky, big arms were put to contribution to recover the nest egg of the discord, on the ground that the contract, they claimed, has not been properly completed. ”

Faced with this qualified behavior,” particularly serious for Cameroonian football “, the Normalisation Committee of the Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot) was seized to open an investigation that will lead, hope the leaders of DAC 2000 , to “appropriate and exemplary sanctions” in accordance with the law.

“For all useful purposes, we have also informed the League of Professional Football of Cameroon (LFPC) and the Eligibility Commission of this League, because although concerning the Cameroon Cup, the protagonists are actors of LFPC and additionally, a leader implicated, in particular, recidivist who has already been pinned by a report of a commission of investigations of the League “, underlines the President of DAC 2000.

He said he was surprised by the readiness with which the football authority endorsed the outcome of the meeting, even though the appeals were not emptied. Pending the programming of the final of the 57th edition of the Cameroon Cup, which will oppose New Stars from Douala to Ums of Loum, the reaction of the FECAFOOT Normalisation Committee is much awaited, just like that of LFPC.

An expectation that could, whatever the outcome, have a great impact not only on this other edition of the Cameroon Cup, but also on Cameroonian football in general.

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