Essa Pius Tabi

Football lovers in the Southwest region are calling on former Indomitable Lions player, Essa Pius Tabi to run as the Southwest FECAFOOT president which will be coming up on a date yet unknown.

Essa Pius Tabi

With the date of the FECAFOOT elections at the regional level yet to be announced, football lovers in the region have been begging the erstwhile Indomitable Lions’ player, Pius Essa Tabi, Essa Pius to safe the region’s football that has been on a continuous poor state in recent years.

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018, another former Indomitable Lions player, Robert Mba Jama joined his voice also in the call for Essa Pius to run in for the post of Southwest FECAFOOT president. Speaking to the media, the former Canon of Yaoundé player, popularly known as “Honourable” said only a man of the calibre of Essa Pius could rescue football in the Southwest region.

Hear him: “Cameroon football needs you especially Southwest football. You have served this nation at the international and national level as a footballer. Your experience in playing at the Indomitable Lions and also at the country’s top flight football and regional level will help rescue the image of Southwest football. It is only a former footballer of your calibre that can help guide Southwest football and make it the best in the country.”

He continued: “On behalf of football lovers in the region, I am pleading with you not to hesitate to run as Southwest FECAFOOT boss when the elections are announced. Southwest football needs a great mind like yours to sail it out of the deplorable level it is in now.”

Mba Jama concluded by pleading with the wife of the former Indomitable Lions player, Solange Essa to help convince the husband to listen to the plea of football lovers in the region.

On his part, Essa Pius Tabi who is the President of Continental Football Academy of Buea alias The Gra Gra Boys said he was yet to decide if he will run as the president of Southwest FECAFOOT.

“I am yet to decide if I will run or not. I will make my decision known when the Electoral College is out. As of now, I am just the president of Continental Football Academy. And our goal now is to help young footballers achieve their objectives and reach the highest level in their careers,” Essa averred.
The Southwest region has not had any representative in three football seasons now since the relegation of Dynamic FC and Njalla Quan Sports Academy some years ago.

While speaking to the press, the former Indomitable Lions player said he bought Continental Football Academy a few months back in order to help guide young footballers.

To him, there are many talented players in the region and Cameroon at large but the poor amateur level practice in the country is halting the progress of these players. He stated that, at Continental FA, they are practising a semi-professional level of managing football in the country.

This he said is the reason why the club owns a 35-seater bus, offers training kits to players, monitor their diets and support them financially among others so they are focus on achieving their goals.
He told the press that Continental Football Academy is not an Essa Pius affair as shares will be sold out ranging from gold, silver to bronze memberships.

Meanwhile, at the main time, the club is already in partnership with International Community Reference Hospital Buea.

Essa Pius Tabi is a former Prévoyance Yaoundé defender and took part in the 1994 World Cup in the United States of America. He is also the CEO of International Community Reference Hospital in Buea.