Southwest National Interpools representative, Victoria United FC aka OPOPO(One People One Power) seemed to have been left on their own by the region they are out to represent.

Just few days to the kick off of the National Interpools for ascension into Elite Two football in Cameroon, the region is yet to galvanise and give the Southwest Regional League champions the support they need to conquer clubs in Pool A of the competition.

People of all walks of life in the region are still adamant and sit tight as OPOPO now relies on the support of its El Supremo Ndive Thomas who has been struggling to revived the once vibrant club.

The Club’s slogan of One People One Power says it all that it’s the people’s club.

Under Ndive Thomas the club has been setting new records and making the region proud.

The weight of such a job is not an easy one for a single person to carry but the emblematic president has been doing so for the past years without support from the region.

The club in the last National Interpools failed to have qualify due to lack of proper preparation as they were abandoned by the region to fain for themselves.

Praying not to repeat the mistakes committed before the last National Interpools,it’s high time the region puts it support to see that an Elite Two team represents Southwest next football season.

Some observers are wondering if football lovers and OPOPO supporters in the region and at large are all armchair supporters. A region with better football infrastructures than many regions in Cameroon is yet without an Elite Two teams for more than three years now.

One will ask the question, why has the Limbe City Council,SONARA, Governor, SDOs,DOs,Mayors, hotels,business magnates among others chipped in something to see our darling club clinch an Elite Two ticket?

In some regions, the above mentioned give their support for they know one way or the other, they benefit from the club’s participation in the Cameroon Professional league.
Have football lovers and authorities in the region waiting to lambast OPOPO should they fail in their quest of making the region proud? It’s high time the region stands as one behind OPOPO.

The club after its qualification to represent the Southwest region, received training kits, FCFA 100.000 (Southwest Fecagoit boss, Sen Mbella Moki) and FCFA 150.000 from American For Africa FC president, Soppo Ngwa.

Victoria United FC alias OPOPO was created in the1970s after the merging of PWD Victoria (Division 2), Presbook (Division 2) and Victoria Stars (Division 3).

The hashtag #IamOPOPO# should be spread on social media to galvanise support for the Southwest region representative and also create awareness.

With the Interpools postponed from October 10 to a date yet to be announced,it gives room for all to react by giving OPOPO the Support it deserves.