Talk about grounds that have vibrated and set the tone for the rest of the country,the Tiko town Green stadium will be the first suspect.

The football loving population of Tiko may no longer have the darling Samba Team that emerged Champions of Cameroon in 2009 beating Cotonsport of Vincent Aboubakar by 4 goals to 1 en route to winning the title but its home ground has been listed amongst 3 available pitches to host elite one championship games beginning Wednesday 16 of May 2018.

In a released endorsed by the Secretary General of the Cameroon professional football league,Mme Pauline Manguelle on Friday,the league’s home games for Union Sportive Douala,New Stars of Douala,Bamboutous of Mbouda and Astres of Douala will be moved from the middle farms,Molyko and Centenary stadium to the Limbe Omnisport Annex,Buea Town and Tiko town Green football infrastructures.This comes after the director of Infrastructures at the minister of sports and physical Education’s office instructed on the 1st of May 2018 that the stadia initially used be closed ahead of the CAF inspection mission to Cameroon.

The Buea town modern and historic Tiko town Green are expected to host more games.The Tiko town Green stadium remains
the only home ground in the history of the English extraction of Cameroon to have celebrated a league one title win making it an ideal harbour for good football.

The football loving population of Tiko certainly miss the good old days of David Ike and Goalkeeper Ebere Festus. The tactical efficiency of the late Alain Wabo remains in their minds but the love this population have for football will certainly pull them out of their homes every match day obviously not to chant Samba Samba allez Samba but to show their love for the game and tell the world they remain champions in supporting football.

Mme Mete Nelly,in charge of competitions at LFPC has certainly won more fans by making Tiko a choice.