2018 vice champions of Cameroon and CAF champions league representative of the country, UMS of Loum are ignoring the decisions of FIFA,a source close to Ngah Geal Fabrice has told

Barely days after Bamboutos FC of Mbouda were hit hard with a demotion to the second tier of Cameroon football for not respecting a FIFA instruction,
Mr Essomba Abanda,owner of Jeunesse de Ngoulemekong has told that he fears UMS of Loum is also taking the instructions of FIFA for granted.

The football actor who had been involved in a transaction in the 2015/2016 season between him and Tchungwo Joseph (Secretary General of UMS of Loum) which saw Ngah Fabrice leave Jeunesse de Ngoulemekong to UMS of Loum with an agreement that, should the player move to any other club within the specified period on the liberation from Jeunesse,then Jeunesse de Ngoulemekong will be entitled to 40% of his transfer fee.

In 2017,Ngah Fabrice moved to Moroccan top flight side Diffaa El Jadida on a 60 000 Euros deal(Despite having a release clause of 50 000 Euros) meaning UMS of Loum was supposed to pay 40% of that 60 000 Euros to Jeunesse de Ngoulemekong but has not done so.

UMS’s reluctance have since then forced a chain of further developments to unfold including, Jeunesse contracting the services of Italian lawyer,Cristiano Novazio to represent the club in the litigation issue.
The matter was then presented to FIFA in February 2018 and the world governing body asked UMS of Loum to pay by the 6th of March 2018 the amount of money owed Jeunesse de Ngoulemekong.

UMS of Loum didn’t pay as instructed until after the deadline.UMS’ reluctance to pay, forced FIFA to ask for a payment to be made by Jeunesse De Ngoulemekong for further actions to be taken and Jeunesse did so Months ago meaning Jeunesse de Ngoulemekong is now waiting for FIFA to take actions for the club to receive what UMS owes them.

History have it that such actions from FIFA are usually punitive therefore there is danger for UMS in the coming months especially if the club doesn’t react quickly to FIFA’s instruction.

Such punishment range from deduction of points to even demotion to the interior championship with increase in the amount to pay.