The Homologation and disciplinary arm of the Limbe City Interquarters football bonanza has suspended the captain of Moliwe FC, Roger Wanie Ebua, indefinitely for bringing the game to disrepute.

The game was abandoned at the 65tt minute after fans of Moliwe FC invaded the pitch and stopped Mawoh FC from taking a penalty which they claimed  was unjustly awarded.

The captain and coach are said to have allegedly engineered the fans reactions and all attempts to make them see reason prove abortive leaving the center referee Miafo Tsopmo with no other alternative but to call off the match.

The match  commissioner, Kem Eric included the uncivilized event in his report.

After a microscopic examination of the event, the homologation and disciplinary committee of the Limbe City Council Interquarters football festival condemned in the strongest terms the actions of the protagonists and said measures have been taken to avoid a repeat of such similar behaviour.

The captain and the coach of Moliwe FC were found guilty of breaking the internal rules and regulations governing the summer championship.

The Coach of Moliwe FC, Nzima Njoh has been handed a two match touchline ban while his captain’s involvement in the competition has come to an end.

A final warning has also been issued to fans of the club as any misbehaviour will be tantamount to expulsion.

Apart from this isolated incident the tournament has become a point of reference.