The Southwest Mini Interpools that have witnessed high quality football and a huge turnout of supporters.

However,this might be tainted with protest writing from clubs involved in the semi finals, reports say.

According to reports, each of the clubs are preparing to write protest questioning eligibility of some players to play the games with the protest ranging from change of names to the reduction of ages.

After yesterday’s games, some players could be seen not being themselves as news of plans by some clubs to write such protest has been going on.

All the clubs in the semi finals are all planning on writing a protest or two if they failed to beat their opponents on the green turf.

The supporters of some clubs could be heard coursing any official of a former club that their player(s) has played with who is to provide evidence to back such claims.

This is because they are reports that some of former presidents are planning to give such evidence by providing the licence of the player as proof of fraud in tampering with their ages or their names.

Some observers are lamenting the fact that this idea of protest writing against some players is as a result of failed performance by some clubs.

After yesterday’s game, this reporter talk to the players and officials of the four clubs in the semi finals and they were able to point out cases of alleged fraud in each of the clubs.

According to some football pundits, the teams should settle their differences on the pitches instead of risking the careers of these young talented players.

This is because if found guilty, these players might be given lengthy bands raging from two years and above with their clubs also suffering from lost of points so and their presidents band also.