Football will be in its highest definition this summer as the maiden edition of the Mbende Young Stars Mini football tournament shall hug all the headlines.

Preparations for the much trumpeted tournament has entered high gears and the organizer Kelly Vincent insists the goal is to gainfully occupy the youths during the long vacation and also to give back to his community.

A total of eight teams are expected to take part in the forthcoming football extravaganza.

“The priority is to catch them young by providing all the necessary measures to ensure they become useful materials not only to the quarter but worldwide commodities” Kelly Vincent noted.

The tournament is reserved for kids between the ages of 10-15 and shall be played in a mini pitch to better give the kids the time and space to showcase their undoubted natural talents.

The anticapated event has generated plenty of interest from a sundry and the Cup Donor says the excitement is a sense of belonging.

“Even without kicking the ball the tournament has already made an impact in the neighborhood and there is a growing feeling that we are marching on with pride and belief”.

The summer football festival is expected to kickoff on the 26 May.