Dragon of Yaounde

11 teams out of 18 in the MTN Elite One championship are already certain to play MTN Elite One football next year as two have already been relegated.

Meanwhile, five will battle it hard in order not to be the unlucky team to join the two already relegated.

These are Stade Renard (39 pts), Unisport (40), Fortuna (41), Astres (41) and Colombe (42).

11 Teams Out Of Relegation Elite one:

1st Coton sport 66 points

2nd UMS 55 pts

3rd- Bamboutos 50 points

4th-Fovu 48 points

5th- New star 48 points

6th Yosa 46 points

7th-Union 45 points

8th- Feutcheu FC 44 points

9th- Dragon 44 points

10th- Apejes 43 points

11th- Eding FC 43 points