MTN Elite One football in Cameroon is gradually going to the end as clubs look forward to make new records while others fight for survival.

This has seen some strikers staying at their peak to make a name for their clubs and also for themselves.

Below is a list of 10 top players so far after 31 days of play into the ongoing MTN Elite One championship in Cameroon.


1- Marius Mouandilmadji- 18 goals(Cotonsport/Chadian)

2- Junior Rostand Mbaï-18 goals (Dragon)

3- Ashu Tambe Clevis-11 goals(Feutcheu FC).

4- Alain Roland Nandjou Nganle-10 goals(New Stars)

5) Daouda Kamilou-0 goals (Coton Sport/Niger).

6- Tchayi Cyril’s Tchamba-10 goals USD.

7) Christian Emmanuel Nguidjol Bayemi-9 goals (Eding Sport).

8- Giresse Tamo Tinwo-9 goals (Stade Renard)

9- Jean Joseph Kombous-9 goals(Cotonsport)

10) Samuel Nlend-8 goals (Union Sportive Douala).

Yannick Yvan Gombo- 8 goals (Apejes).