Top three Elite Two teams in the Cameroon second tie football league this year will take home prize money after picking qualification tickets for the country’s top flight football, Elite One.

The 15 clubs in race for promotion to top flight competition in Cameroon for the 2018 season has been very interesting. It has seen the progress of PWD and Etoa Meki especially that have moved from relegation threatened clubs to clubs in the top half of the table.

PWD’s case is even more interesting as the club started the 2018 season knowing that they had files in foreign sports courts which were being treated as they play games.

Amidst the challenges,PWD of Bamenda kept her cool until the case was ruled in her favour and has been working magic alongside the likes of Avion of Nkam(Graduate of the 2016 mini interpol in Bafoussam),TKC (relegated to the second tier championship in 2014) and Canon of Yaoundé relegated for the first time in their history at the end of the 2017 season.

This 4 contenders alongside Lion Blesse and pretenders in the league 2 title race know that if any of them emerge champions of the league, the club will take home FCFA 3 000 000  and will be promoted to the top flight Championship next season.

Going by Article 45 of the text guiding the competition, it states that the champions of the league get FCFA 3 millions  from the organizing institutions,the runners up get FCFA 2 000 000 and the 3rd placed club get FCFA 1 million.

In addition to the cash reward to the first three clubs, they all get direct promotion to the Elite One Championship.

The clubs that finish the league in 4th and 5th get FCFA 500 000  and 250 000 respectively.

This season’s competition have seen big names like Racing,Panthere,Cosmos,Dynamo all failing to impress.