The “Abakwa boys” of Bamenda have made it to the top of the MTN Elite Two league at the end of the 1st phase after the 15th day of play, a day at which they were at rest. Canon of Yaounde beat National Polytechnic 2-0 to seat as runner’s up with 27 points. Avion of Nkam finishes 3rd with 25 points. The ongoing battle to ascend to 1st division is tough with only 3 places for 15 contenders.

Day 15th results
Bang bullets-Panthere 1-1
Cosmos-Ngoundere University 2-0
Canon-National 2-0
Etoa Meki-lion blessé 2-0
Avion-Renaissance 2-0
Dynamo-TKC 0-1
Matelots-Racing 1-2

PWD Bamenda have made important strides over the 1st phase of the season to stand as serious contenders for Elite One; recording 9 wins, 4 draws and only 1 defeat against AS Etoa Meki on the 12th day of play.

Classification table at the end of the 1st phase

The Abakwa boys have been out from the Elite league since 2005 with their last match being a 1-0 win over Sahel of Maroua on the 13th of November 2005.

Expectations in Bamenda are very high as the fans have been waiting for 13 years now.