The 2019 season of the Southwest Regional championship has witnessed a series of unexpected results after three days of play. Pool A and D are the only pools that have not been affected by licence problems or the absence of a team in a game.

Only three clubs have recorded a 100 percent winning record so far- CINYODEV FA, Treviso FC and EEMSA.

Meanwhile, defending champions Victoria United received a shocking defeat from newcomers ISOHSA of Limbe on Matchday 3.

Let’s see how the situation looks in the four groups that make up the championship after three days of play.


1) LIFCA -7 Points.(3 games played)

2) Best Stars -4 Points (2 games played)

3) Tiko United FC – 4 Points (2 games played)

4) Little Foot FC- 1 Point (3 games played)

5) Dynamic. 0 Point (2 games played)

6)Ekona FC. 0 Point (zero game played)

In Pool A, LIFCA has put on a formidable start that has seen them at the top of the table with 7 points in three games.

Meanwhile, Best Stars of Limbe and Tiko United FC have remained unbeaten in two games as both clubs have registered 4 points in all their two games.

For Little Foot FC, it has rather been a poor start for them as they have registered just a single point in three games. They also suffered a 9-0 demolition from LIFCA.

At the bottom of the table are Dynamic FC and Ekona FC that have failed to win a single game. While Dynamic has recorded two defeats in her two games, Ekona FC has been absent from all her games.



1) EEMSA 6 Points (2 games played)

2) CUSA 4 Points (2 games played)

3) BUFC 3 Points (3 games played)

4) FUSSA 3 Points (3 games played)

5) Continental FA 1 Point (3 games played)

6) Mount Cameroon 1 Point (3 games played)

Pool B seems to be an ambitious pool as all the clubs in this pool have secured a single point or more. However, it is EEMSA of Tiko that is leading the pool after recording two wins in two games.

They are followed by CUSA that have also unbeaten in two games with 4 points and have a game in hand against EEMSA. Buea United are unbeaten in the group in their three games which have seen them record 3 points from three games.

FUSSA snatched an away win when they beat Continental FA 1-0 in Buea after suffering two defeats. At the bottom of the table are Mount Cameroon FC and Continental that have just a single point.



1) CINYODEV FA 6 Points (2 games played)

2)NQSA 6 Points (3 games played)

3) ISOHSA 4 Points (2 games Played)

4) UB FC 4 Points (2 games played)

5) Ajax Likomba 0 point (2 games played)

6) Victoria United 0 Point ( 1 games played)

7) Prisons 0 Point (2 games played)

This pool has Cinyodev FA with six points in two games and is on the same point with NQSA that have played three games winning two and suffering defeat in one.

In the 3rd and 4th positions are newly promoted ISOHSA and UB FC with four points each from two games. Meanwhile, from the 5th position to the 7th, none of the clubs had secured a point after two games.

Ajax FC and Prisons Buea have each suffered defeat in all their two games. Victoria United FC was absent in their first game against Ajax FC and also suffered a shocking 2-4 defeat in their second game against ISOHSA.

Two delay games in this pool will see Prisons pitting UBFC while CUSA will face EEMSA.


1) Treviso FC 6 Points (2 matches played)

2)Bau Manibok -3 Points (2 matches played)

3) PWD Kba – 3 points (2 matches played)

4) Kumba Lakers- 0 Point (2 matches played)

Pool D made up of only clubs in Meme Division is currently dominated by Treviso FC who has registered victories in all their two games.

Kumba Lakers in the only club in this pool that has not registered a single point while Bau Manibok and PWD Kumba both have 3 points each.